i got a baby, therefore, i got a blog

Lately my friend and I have become intrigued with (obsessed with?) the world of mummy blogs. What is the deal with these people? Why are their infants more stylish than me? Do 100,000 people really follow them on Instagram? Why does their hair always look so good? And wait, they make a living doing this? What gives?!

I am not that person. So why start a blog? Well, little Charlie is almost 6 months old now. The last few months have been the greatest; full of a million amazing little moments. The first real smile, the first giggle, the first time he reached for me, his first real toot. Turns out there are so many life changing, adorable little moments that I can’t possibly fit all of them in my piddly little head! And we’re only 6 months in! Enter this blog. Here will be a place for me to write down what’s going on and maybe throw in a few pictures, so I can always look back and remember this special time. This blog will also be used when Charlie is 16 and hates me because I won’t buy him a car, or whatever, I will direct him here so he can be reminded that he has an amazing mum!

So far, motherhood has not been what I expected. And I don’t mean in the way that I expected things like Charlie sleeping snugly in his crib while classical music played softly in the background, slowly but surely turning him into a genius – while reality brought months of him sleeping on me for endless hours while I watched season upon season of Real Housewives of New Jersey, slowly killing off my brain cells. I also don’t mean in the way that I thought I would be a super relaxed mum but have found myself with thoughts like “Oh God! He’s sleeping too much! I’ve ruined him!”, followed without pause by “Oh God! He’s not sleeping enough! I’ve ruined him!”, or “I haven’t read enough about parenting – I’m cheating this poor child of any chance at thriving!” which immediately turned into “I have read way, way too much, time to put the book down and chill out” or the million other stages we’ve somehow managed to cram into the last 6 months. I mean that I didn’t expect motherhood to be so amazing – I didn’t think I’d miss the little guy when he finally went to bed, I didn’t think a little baby could be this hilarious and adorable. But that’s how it is! It’s the greatest! He’s the greatest! And he has somehow turned from this:


into this:


So that’s what’s happening, and if you would like to follow along with our little adventure, we’d love to have you.


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