you are not going to believe what’s in this diaper!!!

I’ve always been a pretty big fan of potty jokes, and I’m not exactly shy when it comes to talking about what happens in the bathroom. Usually if Rick let’s one rip I say “you’re disgusting!” but I’m thinking “nice one!”. I blame this on growing up with two older brothers.

Still, I was surprised by my reaction to the whole dirty diaper situation. I knew having a baby would mean changing a lot of diapers and dealing with a lot of poop. I thought it would probably be a little gross, but it’s just one of those things you deal with and try not to think too much about. Turns out I think about it A LOT.

Some mornings, when months of sleepless nights are taking their toll, Rick will be a dear and get up with Charlie. The exhaustion is overwhelming. If I had the energy I would think about how sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture, and I’m trapped in the world’s cutest torture chamber with no hope of escape. Instead, I listen to Rick and Charlie through the monitor. Rick says “Good morning, Charlie!” Charlie giggles in response. They chat away.

Then, I hear the crinkle of the diaper opening. Without fail Rick will gasp and say with wonder “Oh. My. God.” My interest is peaked. The fog of exhaustion vanishes and I yell from the bed “What is it?! What does it look like?! Tellllll meeeeeee!!!!”

When Rick gets home from work (after being gone for what feels like 100 hours), we tell each other about our days. My tale involves full details about everything Charlie has (or hasn’t! Oh no, why hasn’t he?!) produced. It’s a wondrous and magical thing. And now that Charlie has started eating real food it’s even more exciting. There’s always a new and amazing little surprise waiting for you. Just when you think you know what’s coming, you get something different and your mind is blown. It’s like having an endless supply of very stinky Christmas presents.

I think this means it’s real love.

In non-diaper news, this made me laugh.


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