more diy: braided infinity scarf

If you’ve been within 100 yards of Pinterest you’ve seen a braided infinity scarf. I saw quite a few examples and different methods for doing this, then ignored them all and winged it.

You can use any measurements you like to make your scarf and braids as thick or thin as you want. You can also add more or less braids, or add different colour materials…it’s up to you!

What you’ll need:

  • Material (I used a jersey, which worked well but can be tricky to cut in a straight line, as you will see in the pictures below…no need for perfect lines in this project though so don’t worry too much about that). The amount you need will depend on how thick you want your scarf and braids to be.
  • Scissors
  • 2 elastics
  • Needle and thread

First, I cut strips for my braids, I made 2. I cut the strips 3 3/4 inches thick, and then cut that into 3 strips of equal size. Don’t cut all the way through.


Next, I pinned the uncut end of the first strip to a pillow and braided. Secure the braid with a hair elastic and set aside. Repeat with second strip.

scarf 2

Next, cut the material form the main scarf section. I bought my material from my local fabric store off a bolt, so the material was already in a loop. I cut a section 15 inches wide…and tada! There’s an infinity scarf. If your material doesn’t form a loop, simply sew the ends together to for one.

scarf 3

To attach the braids to the main scarf section, I simply placed one end of the braid at the edge of the scarf, folded the scarf over the braid, and sewed into place. Be sure to sew through all three pieces of the braid. Repeat with the other end of the braid (remove the elastic first). Do the same thing with the second braid. I sewed my braids in side-by-side, but you could offset them if you like.

scarf 4

And there you have it! Easy pea-sy!



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