groundhog day bouquet-remastered


Groundhog day is a pretty big deal around this house, so when I came home to find a big bouquet of fresh lowers waiting for me, I wasn’t too surprised. Whenever I get a bouquet like this (pictured above), I am always thinking forward to the various ways that I can re-make it, and get the most life out of each flower. For the first arrangement, I just did a simple cut of the stems and put them in fresh warm water in a tall glass vase. Straightforward.

After 5 days, I broke the bouquet up, and created these:





I displayed them around the house in the dining room, kitchen and living room (colour coded books are so hot right now) and they added a lot of life and made it feel fresh and spring-like. Win.

Five days later, I decided it was time to created new arrangements. Please note that these flowers were by now 10 days old, which is a really good life span for any fleur. The reason that I have been able to make them last so long, is that I have regularly recut the stems and given them fresh, warm water. This is the magic elixir for almost-eternal flower life.



I gathered up all of the flowers, and culled out the ones that were no longer good. For carnations, this is when the edges start to curl. My lily was also at the end of its days-the petals had gone paper-like.



I decided to try something I have never done before and use tape to create a grid on one of my vases. This is a great trick if you are new to flowers or feel intimidated about putting something together.



In the end, I was able to make 3 new arrangements. A tiny one for the washroom, a tall one for the living room, and a center piece for the dining room.







The golden rule in floral design is that the proportion of the whole arrangement should be 1/3 vase to 2/3 flowers. I don’t necessarily ascribe to this rule, because I like things to be tiny and a bit different. You can probably also notice that I always try to create vignettes with my arrangements-how adorable is that little ceramic fawn in front of the centerpiece?

In total, using 1 big bouquet I was able to create 7 different arrangements, which have lasted me 11 days and are still going strong. Happy flowering!


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