trimming your own bangs

Talking about hair makes me sad these days. Post pregnancy (ahhh pregnancy, a glorious time of full, lush hair!) mine has been falling out, and fast! I know this is just temporary (right? RIGHT?!) but it’s still annoying. But that’s not really what I’m meant to be talking about. I want to talk about the wonderful world of trimming your own bangs! Is it just me, or does it always feel to you like your bangs grow at twice the speed of the rest of hair? Forcing you to make a trip to the hairdresser before you’re really ready? Well, no more, my dear!

Trimming your own bangs is super easy. The key is to take your time. And remember, bobby pins and a pretty scarf can hide pretty much any mistake, so don’t stress!

(Note: sorry the pictures aren’t great, I was home alone when I did this had a hard time capturing everything with only two hands!)

Here is my before – too long!

Step 1: Tie back the rest of your hair so you just have to deal with the bangs. If you have short layers that you don’t plan to cut, be sure to pin them back.

Step 2: Comb your bangs forward. If you want to make your bangs thicker, simpler bring more hair forward. You want to have a triangle shaped part at the crown of your head.

Step 3: Either use a fine tooth comb or your fingers to hold your bangs away from your face. The key is to make sure you don’t pull the hair tight – keep it loose! This will help to make sure you don’t cut your hair too short. As soon as you let go those bangs are going to boing up! You can now start cutting. I cut mine on an angle. Work slowly!! Cut only a little bit at a time and take off less than you think you need to – you can always go back and take off more.

Step 4: I had a hard time taking a picture of this. You need to use your scissors to cut straight up into the ends of your bangs. This will break up the ends for a more natural look.

Step 5: If you’re planning to sweep your bangs to the side, leave some extra length. I keep mine long enough to cover my eye.

Sweep to the side, and that’s it!

Happy Friday!

Claire xo


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