things nobody tells you about being a mom: what happens when you sleep

People love telling moms-to-be how little sleep they will get when their baby arrives. For me, reality lived up to the hype. When CJ was a wee little baby I felt like I was up 24 hours a day, but I expected that. Like I said, people love talking about it. (Aside: if you encounter someone who says something like “my baby slept through the night right away!”, that person is a jerk and probably a liar; you shouldn’t be friends with them).

What took me surprise was what happened when, by some miracle, I would get some sleep.

We decided to put CJ in a crib in his own room pretty much right away. Everyone makes different decisions when it comes to sleeping babies, and that was ours from the get-go. But I guess someone forgot to tell my brain about that decision.

In the early days I would routinely wake up with a jolt, feeling around the bed for the baby I was sure was in there somewhere – I would demand from Rick “WHERE’S THE BABY?!?!?!”. Rick would respond “he’s in his bed…”. Oh yeah. Oops. That happened every night. Multiple times. For months. In between panic attacks, I would wake up snuggling the blankets, thinking they were my little baby, I would gently stroke their “back”, and then realize I was loosing my sh*t.

The panics (but not the crazies) have worn off now, but a new, way funnier thing has taken their place. I now routinely dream that CJ is crawling (ha! not likely with my adorably lazy baby). But he’s crawling into danger! Oh no! So I reach out, quickly, to grab him and save him! But of course what I really grab, violently, is poor sleeping, unsuspecting Rick.

The other night was the best one. Rick was just drifting off to sleep while I was already in dreamland. Suddenly, I had to save my baby! This time that meant my hand completely covering Rick’s mouth. He woke suddenly, gasping for air.

Sweet dreams, Ricky….sweet dreams…

Claire xo


she is not lying folks

has “the life changing loaf of bread” popped up on your internet travels lately? it seems to be all over mine. from the moment i saw it, i wanted to make it. guess what:


this is by far the easiest “bread” you will ever make, and it is jam packed with great stuff for your body (specifically your intestines). head over to my new roots and check it out. i am fairly certain you won’t regret it.

turning your partner into a vegetarian (without him noticing) vol. 3

I made this the other day and it was delicious! I spent about an hour in the kitchen (not bad). The avocado salsa was amazing. I will definitely make this to use as dip instead of my regular guacamole recipe – it trumps any guacamole I’ve ever eaten, no contest. Bold statement, I know. (My mouth is actually watering right now just thinking about it). The next day, I used some leftover elements for lunch – it continued to be amazing.

You can find the recipe here. I pretty much followed the recipe, but my sweet potatoes did cook in much less time than suggested, so be sure to keep an eye on them (although that may have just been because my oven is on the fritz…I’m in major denial about that though, so we will blame the recipe).

march most wanted

These are a few things I’m craving at the moment!
1. You can write on these Martha Stewart labels with chalk, they’re reusable and fun…she does it again! Find them here
2. Please, may I have this Paper Crown skirt? Find it here
3. And this dress from ModCloth? Pretty please? Find it here
4. Out of Print make tshirts and other products featuring covers from famous/interesting books (the one above is Little Women). Bonus: for every product sold they donate a book to a community that needs it in Africa! Win win! Check it out here
5. Charlie is itching for this Bill Murray onesie from Uncovet! Right?! Find it here

What’s on your list?

Claire xo

a sweet treat

Over the past few years, this has been my go to gift to give to friends when they need a little pick me up, or if they start looking too thin. What I like about giving it is that its a) colourful b) customized c) edible and d) not too cheap/not too expensive. You can easily tack it on to a bigger gift, like a birthday or graduation. Toss it in a cute mug, tie some cookie cutters onto the ribbon, pair it up with a good book-the possibilities are endless.

To make this, all you have to do is go to your local bulk food store, pick up a cellophane bag and choose candies that your friend likes best. I like to assemble the candy in the bag by layers, but you could also make more of a “candy salad” and mix it all up. In total, this cost me less than $9.

I hope your friends enjoy!


(Sorry for the poor photo quality) (Do yourself a favour and go by some gummy teeth)

Robyn xo

wonderful wedding wrapping

As one might be able to tell from my previous posts, I am pretty into cards. The love does not stop there though. Oh no. It goes straight on through to wrapping/labeling-town. I was super happy to get a chance to use some really great little tags that I picked up recently when I went to a wedding this weekend for some dear friends. Here is what I did:



Twine is so hot right now.


Joe Carter approves-FTW!